The Latest Energy Support from the Government

The cost of living crisis within the UK is evident, inflation has reached a 40-year old high of 10.1% according to the latest consumer price index figures. This means millions of UK households are currently struggling with the rising cost of living. More recently, the energy price guarantee introduced by Ms Truss is expected to help the millions of struggling households, however, it will ultimately be up to the new Prime Minister on what support is available from winter and beyond. 

New Prime Minister Mr Sunak remains extremely committed to the UK’s target of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050, you can read our blog on net zero here. We are thrilled to hear that the new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak backs rooftop solar, which we specialise in installing here at EnergySmart. You can read more on our solar panel installation services and the associated benefits by clicking here

Mr Sunak also cut VAT on home insulation measures during the leadership campaign and stated he would; “embark on a programme of massive energy efficiency upgrades in people’s homes”. We were pleased to hear the new Prime Minister say this, given that it is directly in line with one of our core objectives as a business to make people’s homes more energy efficient. 

Rishi Sunak has previously expressed his desire to prioritise insulation for low income households over new technologies stating “I want to see hundreds of millions pounds refocused on a nationwide insulation programme, rather than heat pumps and decarbonising public sector building”, however let’s see what energy support schemes the new Prime Minister actually brings into place now he has taken over as PM. 

In any event, there is already a scheme in place which has helped millions across the country with their energy bills; the ECO4 scheme. The ECO4 scheme is a Government backed four year program administered by Ofgem which aims to improve the least energy efficient houses in the UK, occupied by people with the lowest income and who are most vulnerable. There is a huge £1b per year assigned to ECO4 which all needs to be claimed by the end of the scheme. The funding covers insulation, upgraded  heating, solar panels and new storage heaters. 

EnergySmart are proud to have helped thousands of households across the UK with their energy bills under the ECO4 scheme. If you feel you could benefit from the free funding, don’t forget to check if you’re eligible. You could qualify for a wide variety of energy efficiency measures to be installed in your home! Please get in touch with one of our energy saving specialists today.

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