EnergySmart Industry Insights: A Closer Look at Fuel Poverty

At EnergySmart we’re extremely passionate about helping individuals and families across the UK that suffer from fuel poverty. In fact, helping those that are vulnerable to fuel poverty with our energy saving measures is at the very heart of our business. As a business we are very proud to say that we have helped thousands […]

EnergySmart Industry Insights – The Next Steps to Reach Net Zero

Net Zero

We at EnergySmart continue to help the Government achieve its goal of net zero emissions by 2050. The Climate Change Committee (CCC) set out a very detailed strategy to ensure the UK achieves its target. The 1,000 page Sixth Carbon Budget report consists of a detailed assessment of key milestones that must be met to […]

EnergySmart’s Industry Insights: The UK’s Latest Sustainable Warmth Report 2021

We at EnergySmart were thrilled to hear that the Government has officially announced that its annual Sustainable Warmth Report has been published for 2021 – and it’s great news for us that they are investing more and more resources into protecting vulnerable households across England. Published on the 11th February 2021, we dedicate this blog […]

The Many Benefits of Installing Energy Saving Measures!

Benefits of Energy Saving Measures

You may have heard about our latest achievement as one of the fastest growing energy saving specialists within the UK – reaching five thousand successful installations! There’s a reason we’ve hit this huge number and it’s not just our excellent customer service, professionally trained installers and highest quality materials that have resulted in this; all […]

A Closer Look at Room in Roof Insulation

Room in Roof Insulation

We at EnergySmart thought it would be a good time to discuss another one of our services as part of our product and service highlights blog posts. This week, we are taking a closer look at our room in roof insulation (RIR) service, which could benefit you and your home in various ways. Installing RIR […]

EnergySmart’s Industry Insights: The UK’s Carbon Emissions


We at EnergySmart were thrilled to hear that the UK Government is investing more and more resources into its Carbon Budget. On Tuesday 20th April the sixth Carbon Budget officially  incorporated the UK’s share of international aviation and shipping emissions for the very first time. This is an attempt to bring the UK more than […]

EnergySmart’s Industry Insights: The Global Energy Industry is on the up!

EnergySmart Renewables

It’s not just us at EnergySmart which are growing rapidly! In fact the global renewable energy industry grew at the fastest rate since 1999 last year and we at EnergySmart love to see our industry growing globally. Despite the vast disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the global energy watchdog evidenced that renewable energy projects […]

An EnergySmart Milestone…EnergySmart Completes Five Thousand Installations!

EnergySmart completes five thousand installations!

This week marks an important milestone for all of the team at EnergySmart. We can now officially announce that we have successfully completed five thousand installations across the UK in total! This landmark milestone is a result of all EnergySmart’s employees’ hard work and dedication. As a company we continue to grow rapidly, expanding nationally […]

A Closer Look at Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation

At EnergySmart we offer a wide range of energy saving upgrades, one of which is our high quality internal wall insulation service (IWI). IWI acts effectively by reducing the heat loss within your home by installing insulation within the internal property walls. This is an effective and efficient way to reduce heat loss. Internal wall […]