Landlord partnerships and how they work

Landlord Energy Partnerships

EnergySmart is proud to work with landlords to ensure all their properties meet the minimum energy performance standards (an energy performance certificate rating of ‘E’). Just like homeowners and tenants, landlords can also qualify for a variety of ECO grants based on eligibility. EnergySmart can provide the following services to landlords:

  • Room in roof insulation – Insulated boards and wool insulation fitted in loft rooms or top floor spaces
  • Loft insulation – We provide mineral wool, insulation panels or spraying of foam insulation
  • Solid wall insulation – Internal wall insulation is suitable for brick, stone, steel and timber-framed property types
  • Storage heaters – Government grants are available to replace electric storage heaters
  • Underfloor insulation – Specifically for timber floors using rock wool insulation

EnergySmart is proud of its previous successes when working with various landlords. Landlord Mr P. Cunningham stated “As a landlord having the insulation done for free is a great help. EnergySmart carried out the work from the survey to the finished job. I was even provided with a new EPC of my properties post-installation.”

Despite there being a range of grants available for landlords, what is available varies from council to council. Many local authorities differ on which grants they provide and make available for landlords. This is where EnergySmart can make your life easier as a landlord, simply get in contact with one of our ECO specialists today by clicking here and we will be in touch to discuss what is available for you!