ECO4 – Flexibility Scheme

ECO4 Flexibility Explained

Before the Government’s ECO Scheme rules were updated householders would only qualify for central heating grants if they received one of the qualifying State Benefits. ECO4 Flex changed this.

Now the ECO4 Flexibility (ECO4 Flex), is a household referral mechanism  which enables suppliers, local authorities, to target low-income households who are unlikely to be in receipt of the scheme’s standard approach to fulfilling eligibility. Homeowners and private tenants may qualify for ECO Flex Central Heating Grants even if they don’t receive benefits, are living on a low income and spend a high proportion on heating their home.

Qualifying Routes

There are four separate qualifying routes to identify low income and vulnerable households under ECO Flex Grants Rules. Each Local Authority can choose to adopt one or more of these options. Options 2 and 4 can also be used by Energy Suppliers.

Route 1: ECO Flex Central Heating Grants – Household Income
Household income cap of £31,000 is used as the first method of identifying low income households who would benefit from ECO Flex Grants.
Route 2: ECO Flex Central Heating Grants – Targeting Low Income & Vulnerable Households
Households could qualify if they live in a property which is in EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) band E, F or G and meet a combination of two other factors. Householders must have a low income or have a low income and be vulnerable from living in a cold home. Your energy supplier may be able to refer you to your Local Authority for consideration under this option or it could be approved directly by your Local Authority.
Route 3: ECO Flex Central Heating Grants – NHS Referrals
This route could be used where a householder has a severe and/or long-term health condition which could be affected by living in a cold home. The conditions which would be included are cardiovascular, respiratory, limited mobility or immune suppressed conditions.
Route 4: ECO Flex Central Heating Grants – Bespoke Targeting
Under this option your energy supplier or Local Authority could submit a proposal explaining how they would identify a high proportion of households suffering from fuel poverty.

Local authorities may ask you to apply with us first before they will consider you under Eco Flex, so don’t delay and apply to Energy Smart today! It only takes under 60 seconds and could save you up to 40% on your energy bills. Simply apply by filling out the short form below: