TrustMark Accreditation


TrustMark is a Government-endorsed sign of consumer protection for home improvements, repairs, renewable energy installations and low energy retrofits that are designed to make your home more comfortable and cheaper to run.

TrustMark is attained by a reputable business after it can prove to a certifying body (i.e. Certification schemes or Trade Associations) that it has all the right competences and consumer protections in place.

TrustMark’s requirements relate to all the business’s work and all its employees, as it is the business which is TrustMark registered, not just the work.

The Customer Charter linked below sets out the rights and responsibilities of any customer receiving advice, installations, products, services or other work carried out by any business which carries the Government-endorsed TrustMark quality mark.

Customers include householders, landlords and tenants.