A Closer Look at Insulation Services

Insulation Services

We at EnergySmart wanted to discuss one of the main energy saving measures that can be installed in your home free of charge through our energy saving grants. Therefore this blog post is dedicated to the various insulation services we offer. There are a wide range of insulation services available including:

Room in Roof Insulation – Insulated boards and wool insulation fitted in loft rooms or top floor spaces.

Loft Insulation –  We provide mineral wool, insulation panels or spraying of foam insulation.

Solid Wall Insulation – Suitable for brick, stone, steel and timber framed property types.

Under Floor Insulation – Specifically for timber floors using rock wool insulation.

So how does insulation work? 

Thermal insulation prevents heat loss or heat gain by creating a barrier between two areas that are significantly different in temperature. Insulation measures are not designed to keep the cold out but to slow the loss of heat from a building. Buildings require a variety of insulation measures to maintain high levels of energy efficiency. So by having insulation measures installed in your home you can reduce heat loss during cold weather and keep your home cooler during warmer summer periods – all while reducing your energy bills! 

Remember, you could qualify for a free energy saving grant and get insulation measures installed in your home completely free of charge! Please get in touch with with one of our ECO specialists today.