A Closer Look at Electric Storage Heaters

Woman/Electric Storage Heater

We at EnergySmart wanted to discuss one of our favourite products; electric storage heaters, that’s why this blog article is dedicated to discussing the benefits of installing electric storage heaters in your home! So what are electric storage heaters? 

Storage heaters are electric based heaters which store thermal energy by heating up internal ceramic bricks during the night and then release heat from them during the day to keep your home nice and warm. For many, using an electric storage heater means you can reduce your energy bills and consumption! Many electric storage heaters now have useful features such as: 

  • Boost Functions – offering extra warmth when required.
  • Fan Assist – a silent fan which helps to dispel heat more efficiently.
  • Programmable Heating Schedules – customised heating patterns for different days and times.
  • Thermostatic Controls – Ability to get the room to chosen temperature.
  • Remote Controls – Some electric storage heaters can now be controlled through remote or from smartphone over wi-fi. 

The main advantage of storage heaters is that they’re cheaper to run in comparison to other types of electric heating types which operate during peak hours. Storage heaters with built-in programmable timers release heat as and when required and therefore reduces energy consumption which cuts your energy bills. Storage heaters are also extremely quiet, very easy to install and can be situated anywhere that electricity can be wired. 

EnergySmart are fully TrustMark accredited energy installers that supply Elnur electric storage heaters. Elnur is a leading manufacturer of efficient, reliable and sustainable electric heating products. 

Remember, you could qualify for a free electric storage heater 100% free of charge under the Government backed ECO3 scheme! To see if you qualify get in touch with one of our ECO specialists and we will be in touch shortly.