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Inspector + Pas 2035

PAS 2035 is the brand new overarching document within the constantly changing retrofit standards framework which was introduced as a result of the recommendations of the Each Home Counts review. To sum up, PAS 2035 provides a new specification for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings, and details the very best practice guidance for domestic retrofit projects. It has been evident for sometime that huge improvements are required within the energy efficiency of the UK’s entire building stock if the country is set to meet its global carbon commitments.

The Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order 2019 came into effect officially on 1st January 2020. The new PAS 2035 embraces quality retrofit work which attempts to eliminate problems associated with defects, shallow retrofit, accountability, poor design and performance gap. This creates an entirely new building approach to the retrofit process when installers determine which are the most suitable measure to install. As a result, this will eliminate the issue of retrofit work being considered in isolation which can then damage overall building performance.

TrustMark has been established as the new quality control mark within the retrofit standards framework. TrustMark is supported by an Industry Code of Conduct, a Consumer Charter and a framework of technical standards for retrofit. Users of the TrustMark Government endorsed quality control scheme are required to comply with PAS 2035 when undertaking any domestic retrofit work.

EnergySmart are extremely proud to be an accredited TrustMark installer which complies with PAS 2035. This ensures that all work carried out by EnergySmart is logged into the TrustMark Data Warehouse. This also ensures that EnergySmart provides the highest quality standards of retrofitting. As EnergySmart is TrustMark certified, as a homeowner or landlord you can have confidence that all work completed by EnergySmart is implemented and installed correctly to the highest standards which are underpinned by a compliance regime.

Our consistently high quality ECO installations are the result of various factors and quality control measures we take as a business. Having over 20 years of experience in insulation and retro-fitting means we have a wealth of experience within the business. On every job, EnergySmart also provides an install manager who assesses the quality of the work to ensure the job is completed correctly from start to finish. In terms of the materials used, EnergySmart only uses the finest quality materials, all installations are fitted using BBA certified products ranging from Knauf loft roll to British Gypsum thermaline PIR board. 

If you are a homeowner, landlord, tenant or local governing body looking to work with an accredited, professional and dedicated team of Energy Saving specialists, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us on 0800 074 5785 or Remember, you could qualify for a 100% free of charge ECO grant funded by the Government, to check your eligibility click here!