A Closer Look at Room in Roof Insulation

Room in Roof Insulation

We at EnergySmart thought it would be a good time to discuss another one of our services as part of our product and service highlights blog posts. This week, we are taking a closer look at our room in roof insulation (RIR) service, which could benefit you and your home in various ways.

Installing RIR involves various types of insulation material treating the different intricate elements of a room in roof, ie studs, slopes, residual loft spaces, gabel and party walls, being carefully fitted throughout the property. This then works by effectively trapping heat within your home to create a ‘blanket effect’.

At EnergySmart, we’re proud to offer a high quality, reliable and stress free RIR insulation service. In fact, you may have seen our latest blog post discussing our success reaching 5,000 installations – many of which have been RIR insulation installations giving you peace of mind that we can provide the best service around! 

We only use the finest materials around for our room in roof insulation services, supplied by approved system designers and guaranteed by the official ECO guarantee service.

Why get your RIR service provided by EnergySmart:

  • We only use the highest quality materials; as well as products installed by competent carded tradesmen
  • We have over 20 years of experience in installing energy saving measures such as RIR
  • We provide a dedicated installs manager per customer giving you peace of mind on your installation from start to finish
  • Our RIR service is guaranteed to save you up to 25% – 30% on your heating bills!

Under the free of charge Government backed ECO3 scheme you may qualify for our RIR insulation service! To see if you qualify, get in touch with one of our ECO specialists and we will be in touch shortly.