EnergySmart Industry Insights – The Next Steps to Reach Net Zero

Net Zero

We at EnergySmart continue to help the Government achieve its goal of net zero emissions by 2050. The Climate Change Committee (CCC) set out a very detailed strategy to ensure the UK achieves its target. The 1,000 page Sixth Carbon Budget report consists of a detailed assessment of key milestones that must be met to achieve decarbonisation over the next three decades. To summarise, the Committee’s key recommendation is to target a 75% reduction in carbon emissions compared to 1990 levels, by 2035. 

The CCC’s net zero strategy sets out four essential steps that will be crucial in achieving decarbonisation over the next 30 years: 

  1. Take up of low carbon solutions – including the adoption of electric vehicles, replacing boilers with heat pumps, and a general shift to renewable electricity and hydrogen. 

  1. Expansion of low carbon energy supplies – production of electricity in the UK will be zero carbon by 2035, focusing on offshore wind power to increase. 

  1. Reducing demand for carbon-intensive activities – the UK will need to waste less and reduce its reliance on carbon intensive goods. Buildings will need to become more energy efficient and there will be a focus on cars travelling fewer miles. 

  1. Land and greenhouse gas removals – agriculture and farmland use are expected to change significantly. New mixed woodland will remove carbon dioxide from the air, while more land will be used to produce energy crops.

Where EnergySmart fit in the Government’s Strategy:

EnergySmart is helping the Government by improving the energy efficiency performance of various buildings throughout the UK by installing a range of energy efficiency measures, such as Internal Wall Insulation, Room In Roof Insulation and Storage Heaters. EnergySmart works on a variety of buildings from large detached homes to business owned buildings in order to improve their EPC rating. Our top of the range, highly skilled, competent carded tradesmen use only the very best quality materials to significantly improve building’s energy performance. 

Under the free of charge Government backed ECO3 scheme you may qualify for a FREE ECO grant! To see if you qualify, click here to apply, or get in touch with one of our ECO specialists and we will be in touch shortly.