EnergySmart Industry Insights: A Closer Look at Fuel Poverty


At EnergySmart we’re extremely passionate about helping individuals and families across the UK that suffer from fuel poverty. In fact, helping those that are vulnerable to fuel poverty with our energy saving measures is at the very heart of our business. As a business we are very proud to say that we have helped thousands of people across the UK who suffer fuel poverty and we’re delighted to have saved them money on their energy bills as well as making their properties more energy efficient.

Fuel poverty is a very important issue and therefore this week’s EnergySmart industry insight is purely dedicated to discussing fuel poverty within the UK. Fuel poverty is a developed policy area, and is defined and measured differently across different regions within the UK. To summarise, fuel poverty describes any household that spends a high proportion of their household income to keep the home at a reasonable temperature. Fuel poverty is affected by three key factors: 

  1. A household’s total income.
  2. The household’s total fuel costs.
  3. The household’s total energy consumption. 

Fuel poverty rates vary across the UK. In a latest study around 10% of households in England were categorised as ‘fuel poor’. In the UK fuel poverty rates have either been stable or falling in recent years and we at EnergySmart certainly believe that our hard work and dedication to reducing fuel poverty has contributed to this recent reduction in fuel poverty numbers. 

If you are personally suffering fuel poverty or know of an individual or family that is – get in contact with one of our ECO specialists as we may be able to secure a free energy grant on your behalf!