EnergySmart’s Latest Expansion in the South!


The disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly not halted our impressive growth here at EnergySmart. We continue to be one of the UK’s fastest growing energy installer specialists and we are planning to be the largest energy specialist installer nationwide very soon. 

Recently, we opened up our new premises in simonstone business park which you can read more about by clicking here. But we have not stopped there. As a business all of the team at EnergySmart are working tirelessly to push our growth further and expansion. We’re extremely proud to be one of the only few energy specialist installers which have experienced a huge level of growth during the pandemic. 

We are very excited to officially announce the launch of our new premises in Dartford. This is another great move for us at EnergySmart as we can now access all areas in the south of England. In fact, we are very proud to state that our latest southern division means we are now operating in almost all areas of the UK. Our southern division is rapidly growing and we have already started installations in various properties around the area. This is testament to our entire team and we are confident this will become one of our most significant locations.

If you are seeking a FREE ECO grant and have a property in the south look no further! Under the free of charge Government backed ECO3 scheme you may qualify for a FREE ECO grant! To see if you qualify, click here to apply, or get in touch with one of our ECO specialists and we will be in touch shortly.