EnergySmart Industry Insights: The Flex Scheme


As a business, we at EnergySmart are very happy when the Government decides to invest more funding into the ECO sector. That’s why we are excited about the Flex Scheme. The flexibility eligibility scheme is often shortened to ‘LA Flex’. LA Flex is the extension of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme which helps UK households reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

To summarise, the LA Flex scheme was created to help those households who are not receiving benefits but who are living on low income and are vulnerable to fuel poverty. To read more on our latest industry insight on fuel poverty, click here. Since it is estimated that throughout both Scotland and England there are more than 3.1 million homes classed as living in fuel poverty or on low incomes and vulnerable to the cold, the LA Flex scheme is an effective next phase of the ECO3 scheme. The scheme helps by subsidising the cost (up to 100%) of installing energy efficiency measures from room in roof insulation to storage heaters. 

The LA Flex scheme is an extension of the ECO scheme as LA Flex allows local authorities the power to define their very own eligibility criteria.  This now widens the net in terms of who is eligible, the criteria now is extended beyond more than just income, benefits received or type of heating. This means local authorities can now implement their own eligibility criteria and work with ECO-accredited pre-approved partners like EnergySmart.

You may qualify for a FREE ECO grant under LA Flex! If you want to check your eligibility through a TrustMark accredited energy specialist installer, look no further than EnergySmart. Simply fill out our application form in under 60 second and one of our ECO specialists will be in touch with you!