EnergySmart: Official Installer of the Year!


Hot off the press! It’s official, we’re extremely proud and excited to announce that we at EnergySmart have been prestigiously awarded ‘Installer of the Year’ for the North West Installer category at the Energy Efficiency Awards. This is a huge achievement for us as a company and this award proves that we are living up to our industry reputation as the fastest growing energy installer in the UK.

This award is not only testament to all of our employees’ hard work and dedication which has made our company the huge success it is today. Our success has resulted in us undergoing rapid expansion across the entire of the UK, just recently we opened our latest headquarters in the south which you can read about by clicking here. Now, being a nationwide energy installer, we have our sights set on more awards nationally!

It’s not just our expansion which has signalled our great success. Our standards of customer service, installation and after sales service is without a doubt the best around and that has been evidenced by this award! However, we won’t stop improving our service and installation process as ensuring the best customer satisfaction is at the very heart of what we do as a business. 

The foundations of EnergySmart have been built by our Managing Director John Hetherington and his great work within the energy installation sector has not gone unnoticed! John was also personally awarded the runner up for the Energy Efficiency Champion and this was no surprise to us given the outstanding work he has contributed to the industry. John Hetherington stated ‘It is an honour to win this award, I’m very proud of the company and cannot wait to see where we are in 5 years time. Helping our customers with their energy bills as well as helping the environment is what our business thrives off and it’s great to win an award which encompasses that.’ 

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