How to Cope with Rising Energy Bills!


At EnergySmart we take pride in valuing our customers’ needs before anything else, therefore during these tough times as energy prices rise, we have decided to create a series of informative articles dedicated to helping you to save money on your energy bills.

We at EnergySmart understand that the significant increases in energy bills are causing financial difficulties for many households across the UK. Therefore, we aim to provide you with insightful and useful information which will help you to reduce your energy energy consumption and your bills. 

In this article, we equip you with 7 simple ways to reduce household energy consumption. 

  1. Switching off standby – Did you know you can save around £55 a year by simply turning off your appliances’ standby mode? Almost all electrical appliances can be simply turned off at the plug without any interference with any programming. You may even want to think about getting a standby saver or smart plug which allows you to turn all appliances off standby in one go!


  1. Use energy-saving bulbs – A small change which can make a significant difference is simply replacing traditional bulbs with energy-saving bulbs. Energy-saving bulbs last up to 12 times as long as traditional bulbs and use less electricity to emit the same amount of light. Also, When you’re not at home or leaving a room, simply turn off the lights! On average you can save around £20 a year on your annual energy bills from this simple trick. You may even consider replacing all lights in your home with LED bulbs to increase further savings. 


  1. Upgrade your property’s insulation – This is our favourite tip to help reduce your energy bills; upgrade your property’s insulation. There is a wide range of insulation services available from ‘room in roof’ insulation to ‘loft’ insulation which can save you a significant amount of your energy bills. We at EnergySmart provide all aspects of insulation services completely free of charge, including:

    1. Room in roof insulation
    2. Loft insulation 
    3. Solid wall insulation
    4. Underfloor insulation

  1. Avoid the use of a tumble dryer – Try not to use the tumble dryer to dry your clothes. Instead, opt for a free option such as leaving them outside in the warm weather or inside on clothes racks. This could save you £60 a year on average!


  1. Shower more and use the bath less – Limit your shower time to around 4 minutes to save on average £70 a year on your annual energy bill. Take this a step further and swap your bath for a shower to save on water consumption which also helps the environment.


  1. Get energy smart in the kitchen – Simple tips such as avoiding overfilling the kettle will save you around £15 a year on your electricity bill. Also, consider reducing your dishwasher usage to reduce the water you use. Investing in more energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen is also another great idea. Please read this article by which discusses the specific savings on energy-efficient appliances.


  1. Solar Panels – Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity you can use in your home. EnergySmart can install high-quality solar panels, allowing you to generate your own renewable electricity, which will significantly reduce your electricity bills!


Bonus Tip: Check if you’re eligible for a FREE energy-saving grant. You could qualify for a free energy-saving grant and get any of the above insulation measures installed in your home completely free of charge! Please get in touch with one of our energy-saving specialists today. 

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