Recent developments at EnergySmart HQ!


There have been some huge developments here recently and it’s safe to say that EnergySmart has made significant progress across most areas of the business. We’ve added the ability to install numerous new measures, including Solar and Air Source Heat Pumps, as well as increasing our overall team head count. 

2022 saw a huge transformation take place within the energy sector; from the extensive shift from the ECO3 to ECO4 scheme, to the sudden soaring rise in energy prices nationally. Despite this, we at EnergySmart are extremely proud to have not only worked our way through these turbulent times, but have managed to successfully expand our business during one of the most challenging transition periods in the history of our industry.  

Probably the most significant development of the year has been the launch of the ECO4 scheme. ECO4 officially began in July and as a business, significant changes were required in order to adapt, not to mention the management of the transition from ECO3. EnergySmart, named as proud award winners and as one of fastest growing energy installation companies in the UK during the ECO3 scheme, are keen to deliver the same standards of excellence throughout ECO4.

The key objective of the ECO4 scheme is to improve the least energy efficient properties within the UK and Wales which are occupied by those on the lowest income and those most vulnerable. As well as this, the scheme also aims to decrease ever increasing carbon emissions. 

We’re pleased to say that so far during ECO4, EnergySmart has completed over 250 measures, worked on over 100 properties and has delivered over £200,000 ABS (Annual Bill Saving). This is a significant percentage of the ECO4 scheme’s delivery to date, making this a huge success for the business. Throughout April, May and June, the team worked tirelessly to implement a wide variety of new systems, processes and working procedures to adapt to the ever growing challenges of ECO4. Some of EnergySmart’s most recent notable achievements include the launch of our Solar and Air Source Provisions.

As part of adapting to the new requirements of ECO4, EnergySmart has successfully up-skilled its workforce. From heating engineers to electricians, EnergySmart’s team has impressively grown to over 35 members of staff. Amongst the growing team, EnergySmart appointed another director, Harvey Mason, and are also proud to announce the new appointment of an installation manager Kurt Knowles who will oversee and ensure the quality of every single install. We have also added several additional members to the admin teams.

The growing strength of the company has been evidenced not only by its ability to adapt to the new changes posed by the ECO4 scheme, but the ability to have expanded and upskilled the team during a turbulent time in the energy sector. We at EnergySmart are extremely proud of our recent business  efforts and are already in the process of preparing for further expansion and growth.