Managing our growth

How EnergySmart’s newly developed management structure is driving success and helping to tackle fuel poverty. 

As part of EnergySmart’s growth strategy over the last 12 months, it has introduced some significant changes to the company’s management structure, appointing some highly credible team members across most areas of the business. In addition, John Hetherington EnergySmart’s founder has also stepped into a CEO role, focusing more on group level strategy. More recently, Harvey Mason has also been appointed as the new Managing Director. 

EnergySmart Group has ambitious growth plans, and now the company has an effective management structure in place, it consistently delivers a high volume of ECO4 projects. John stated, “We’ve worked extremely hard over the last 12 months to navigate the ECO3 to ECO4 transition, as well as scaling up and up-skilling our team. We’ve always had ambitious plans to grow EnergySmart Group, and now we have an effective management team in place who successfully deliver high volumes of ECO measures week to week, the timing is right for me to focus on ‘group-level’ expansion. As part of this plan, Harvey Mason, previously our Commercial Director, will take over as Managing Director, allowing me to focus my time on future development. I couldn’t be happier and more excited to see how things take shape for EnergySmart over the forthcoming months.”

The significant shift from the ECO3 to the ECO4 scheme has forced many changes for Energy Company Obligation installers across the UK. Despite this, EnergySmart is extremely proud to have not only worked its way through one of the most challenging transition periods in the history of the industry but has also managed to expand and upskill the business at the same time.  

So far, during ECO4, EnergySmart has completed over 300 measures, worked on over 120 properties and has delivered over £250,000 ABS (Annual Bill Saving). This is a significant percentage of the ECO4 scheme’s delivery to date, making this a huge success for the business on a national level. This also evidences the company’s commitment to reduce fuel poverty within the UK through the ECO4 scheme. 

EnergySmart is extremely passionate about helping individuals and families across the UK that are suffering as a result of fuel poverty. A recent study evidenced that by January 2023, over half of households in the UK (15 million) are spending at least 10% of their net income on their utility bills. EnergySmart has assisted thousands of people across the UK, helping them save money on their bills as well as making their properties more energy efficient. 

Harvey, EnergySmart’s new Managing Director stated “It’s exactly 12 months since I joined EnergySmart in a full-time capacity, and today is particularly exciting as I announce my new position as Managing Director. It’s a real pleasure to be part of such an ambitious, growing business which is really thriving in the energy efficiency sector, as well as being part of an amazing team of people who relentlessly bring their a-game every day and work extremely hard to continue driving the business forward. EnergySmart is on a mission to become one of the UK’s leading energy efficiency companies and I can’t wait to get started and help lead the business through that journey alongside our group CEO John Hetherington.”

In addition to John and Harvey’s role changes, EnergySmart has introduced a new Installs Manager, Finance Manager and an Eco Delivery Manager. There has also been a natural progression for other key team members who have now been promoted in our Projects, Surveying and Customer Acquisition departments. This new middle management team will undoubtedly play a vital role in EnergySmart’s ongoing growth plans, and we couldn’t be more proud of how things are taking shape.