Your Energy Performance Certificate and Why It Matters


One of our most frequently asked questions by customers here at EnergySmart is “what is an EPC?”. EPC simply means “Energy Performance Certificate” and this certificate is required whenever a property is any of the following:

  • Built 
  • Sold
  • Rented


An Energy Performance Certificate is required for potential buyers and tenants before the property goes to market to be either sold or rented out. The Energy Performance Certificate is a legally valid document which provides the energy efficiency rating in relation to a property’s running costs. The energy efficiency rating is scored on a A-G scale. 

The Energy Performance Certificate rating will take into account the potential energy performance of the entire property itself (the fabric) as well as its services such as heating, lighting and hot water. The EPC will also display other information such as a breakdown of the property’s energy performance, its environmental impact, recommendations for energy efficiency improvements and an estimated energy use alongside potential savings. 

An EPC is valid for 10 years or until a newer EPC is produced for the same property. It is highly recommended that a property’s EPC should be made available to potential buyers as soon as it is marketed for either sale or rent. It is worth noting that the energy efficiency rating uses a ‘standard occupancy’ assumption which typically assumes there are two adults and two children in the property which may be different from the way the occupiers actually use things such as the heating and lighting within the property. 

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, EPCs are fully available online, whereas in Scotland, they are distributed as PDFs. All EPCs will display basic information about the property such as the address, property type and floor area. Towards the end or on the back of the EPC should be the assessors full details including their name, contact information as well as the scheme they are accredited with. If you have any questions regarding your EPC we strongly recommend you contact the assessor directly. 

  • To find your Energy Performance Certificate in England, Wales or Northern Ireland click here
  • To find your energy Energy Performance Certificate in Scotland click here

Your EPC and why it matters in relation to your claim for a free energy saving grant:

At EnergySmart we specialise in improving the EPC ratings of properties across the UK. We do this by claiming a free energy saving grant on your behalf. Then we install a wide variety of energy saving measures, ranging from air source heat pumps to solar panels in properties. Under the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme, we install these measures completely FREE of charge for qualifying customers who will receive a free energy saving grant. To see if you qualify, please click on the link below: