Meeting minimum energy efficiency requirements through strategic landlord partnerships


EnergySmart is making significant developments in the energy saving industry with its recent surge in new strategic partnerships. We have been working hard to strengthen ties with a range of different landlords and property management companies, creating a ripple effect of energy efficiency success stories throughout the UK.

EnergySmart understands that achieving substantial change requires synergy and collaboration, and in an effort to reduce fuel poverty at a larger scale, numerous partnerships have been formed with landlords across the country. This achieves two things: one, a higher volume of properties are being treated under a single contract. Two, landlords are ahead of the game in meeting Government enforcement of minimum energy efficiency requirements, whereby tenanted properties must achieve an energy efficiency of C or above by 2028. 

Esther McRae, EnergySmart’s Business Development Manager stated, “It’s been great to expand and develop EnergySmart’s offering in order to service large-scale landlords and property managers. Naturally, landlords require an extra layer of information and service, covering areas such as EPC ratings, Health & Safety, Project Planning and Measure Specifications. We can also provide clear status updates on each project we are undertaking, giving them transparency on the progress of the portfolio’s energy saving upgrades”.  

Mr Swann, Maintenance Manager at a North East based estate, said “It’s been a breath of fresh air dealing with EnergySmart, who has worked closely with myself and the estate managers to form a clear rollout plan which ultimately will give us exactly what we need from a minimum energy efficiency standard perspective. We needed a company that was large enough to take on the full estate of 200+ properties and that could also provide the additional information and service that the management team needed”. 

EnergySmart’s partnerships go beyond property enhancements. They also empower local communities by creating job opportunities within the region, as well as assisting residents with energy bill savings. This not only contributes to economic growth but also strengthens community bonds. 

The benefits of EnergySmart’s commitment to forging partnerships with landlords and property managers are far-reaching, helping tenants, property owners, local communities, and the environment alike. As their partnership network continues to expand, so too does the potential for positive change. EnergySmart’s dedication to making energy-efficient living accessible to all brightens the path to a more sustainable and prosperous future across the UK.

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