EnergySmart’s Industry Insights: The UK’s Latest Sustainable Warmth Report 2021

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We at EnergySmart were thrilled to hear that the Government has officially announced that its annual Sustainable Warmth Report has been published for 2021 – and it’s great news for us that they are investing more and more resources into protecting vulnerable households across England. Published on the 11th February 2021, we dedicate this blog post to informing you of the latest developments in the UK’s approach for its  latest sustainable warmth strategy. 

The strategy reflects the Government’s commitment to helping the most vulnerable who struggle to keep their homes fully heated and experience fuel poverty. The Government already has some schemes in place to increase the energy efficiency of homes, reducing the cost of bills whilst also contributing to Net Zero targets. You can read more about the Government’s Net Zero target on our other EnergySmart Industry Insight here

The specifics of the Fuel Poverty Strategy for England include; 

  1. Investing a further £60 million to retrofit social housing and £150 million will be invested in the Home Upgrade Grant.

  1. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme will be expanded – there will be more investment for more domestic energy suppliers to install heating, insulation or other energy efficiency measures in the homes of low income, vulnerable or fuel poor. 

  1. Investing in energy efficiency of households through £2 billion Green Homes Grant, including up to £10,000 per low income household to install extra measures in their homes. 

  1. Extending the Warm Home Discount requirement for energy companies to provide a £140 rebate on the energy bill of low income households.

These schemes and improvements in quality standards will drive sizable energy bill savings across the UK. ECO3 is estimated to save low income households around £300. The success of ECO3 has resulted in the development of the new; ECO4 Scheme. EnergySmart are experts at delivering the ECO3 scheme, we do everything as part of our stress free process, from claiming the grant to the final installation.

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