Smart growth through effective collaboration


In an era of growing environmental awareness and the need for sustainable energy solutions, the demand for energy-efficient installations has skyrocketed. As the UK takes strides towards a greener future, EnergySmart continues to be the fastest growing Energy Company Obligation installer in the nation. In this blog, we delve into the success of EnergySmart, which has achieved record-breaking figures by fostering successful business partnerships.

Through participation in the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, EnergySmart has not only helped countless households reduce their energy consumption and save on their energy bills but has also set a precedent for sustainable progress in the industry. 

Flexibility Scheme – Collaboration with Local Councils:

The ECO4 Flexibility (ECO4 LA Flex), is a household referral mechanism which enables ECO installers and local authorities to target low-income households who are unlikely to be in receipt of the scheme’s benefit-based eligibility criteria. For example, a household member suffering from certain severe or long term health conditions may qualify for a grant under Flex.  Flex really opens things up and assists those who wouldn’t necessarily think they would qualify for the grant, which in turn has really helped to facilitate EnergySmart’s growth strategy. 

You can read more about LA Flex by clicking here:  

Recognising the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions within the local communities, a significant number of local councils have joined hands with EnergySmart to facilitate installations on a large scale to many households. By partnering with the authorities, EnergySmart has gained access to a wider customer base and increased its outreach, positively impacting thousands of local homeowners and tenants, and ultimately contributing to the business’s mission of reducing fuel poverty. Pursuing further growth within the ECO sector by increasing the number of local council partnerships, EnergySmart has recently appointed Business Development Manager Esther, who is managing and building all Flex partnerships.


Lead Generators 

Successful collaborations with lead generators have played a vital role in EnergySmart’s growth. By working in partnership with lead generators that specialise in identifying people that qualify for ECO grants, EnergySmart has streamlined its customer acquisition process, ensuring a steady influx of households that are seeking energy-efficient solutions and are looking to reduce their energy bills. These strategic partnerships have also helped to boost EnergySmart’s market presence and reinforced its position as one of the fastest growing ECO installers. You can read more about our partnerships with lead generators by clicking here: 


Another key factor contributing towards EnergySmart’s growth has been its strategic move to introduce a mix of both subcontractors and internal installation teams into its workforce. Recognising the expertise and specialised skills that subcontractors bring to the table, EnergySmart has been able to streamline operations and broaden its service capabilities, ultimately facilitating ECO4’s whole house approach to energy efficiency. Kurtis, EnergySmart’s Head of Installations stated “In order to meet the demands of our steep growth, and also to ensure we provide quality installations across all measure mixes, subcontractors have played a key role in sustaining our momentum. As a national brand, we are always looking to speak with more subcontractors across all areas, including Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar, Central Heating and fabric measures”. 

Strategic Partnerships

EnergySmart continues to serve the local community not only by providing energy saving upgrades to people’s homes, but also by engaging in a variety of charity partnerships and local community projects. One of the most recent initiatives was offering local families and individuals advice and guidance on the cost of living crisis, providing a wide variety of information and solutions on how to reduce bills and save money. More recently, EnergySmart has started to roll out advice and guidance popups in many shopping centres across the northwest where energy saving experts are on hand to guide members of the public through the most effective solutions to reduce their energy consumption and bills. All of this local community work conducted by EnergySmart has certainly not gone unnoticed, please read a latest write up on the company from the Burnley Express by clicking here: 


The vast range of successful collaborations and business partnerships that EnergySmart has grown have played a significant role within the businesses success. As one of the UK’s fastest growing ECO installers, EnergySmart is always keen to grow new business partnerships. Whether you are a local council, lead generation company or a subcontractor, or simply wish to discuss any kind of mutually beneficial partnership opportunities, the door is always open at EnergySmart. 

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