The Role of Energy Company Obligation Installers in the ECO Scheme: How We Help Homeowners

In the ongoing effort to combat climate change and create a more sustainable future, the UK government has introduced the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. This initiative aims to improve energy efficiency in homes and reduce carbon emissions. At EnergySmart, as dedicated ECO scheme installers, we play a vital role in helping homeowners benefit from […]

Why Installing Solar Panels Now is the Smart Choice for Your Home

As energy bills continue to be extremely costly, homeowners and tenants are still seeking ways to significantly cut their bills and energy consumption. One way is by installing solar panels, and now is the perfect time just before the summer heatwaves hit. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how installing solar panels ready for summer […]

Which Measures Do I Qualify For Under ECO4?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) is a government based energy-efficiency scheme which operates within Great Britain. It is designed to tackle fuel poverty and help reduce carbon emissions. ECO is an obligation placed on the energy companies to deliver energy efficiency measures to domestic premises. ECO4 measures were able to be delivered from the 1st […]

Your Energy Performance Certificate and Why It Matters

One of our most frequently asked questions by customers here at EnergySmart is “what is an EPC?”. EPC simply means “Energy Performance Certificate” and this certificate is required whenever a property is any of the following: Built  Sold Rented An Energy Performance Certificate is required for potential buyers and tenants before the property goes to […]

Mythbuster! A Closer Look at Air Source Heat Pumps

Off the back of the huge increase in demand for air source heat pump installations, we’ve seen a significant rise in enquiries where customers are wanting to know more information on the effectiveness and efficiency of the systems. It is worth noting that in rare circumstances, if installed incorrectly, air source heat pump systems may […]

How ECO4 lead generators can grow through EnergySmart’s partner programme

EnergySmart is extremely excited to be launching our new and improved ECO4 lead generation partnership programme.  Although we have worked successfully with many lead-gen partners over the years, our current growth strategy requires a much higher volume of new customers. With this in mind, we have been trialling a new, fresh approach to our lead […]

Managing our growth

How EnergySmart’s newly developed management structure is driving success and helping to tackle fuel poverty.  As part of EnergySmart’s growth strategy over the last 12 months, it has introduced some significant changes to the company’s management structure, appointing some highly credible team members across most areas of the business. In addition, John Hetherington EnergySmart’s founder […]

Recent developments at EnergySmart HQ!

There have been some huge developments here recently and it’s safe to say that EnergySmart has made significant progress across most areas of the business. We’ve added the ability to install numerous new measures, including Solar and Air Source Heat Pumps, as well as increasing our overall team head count.  2022 saw a huge transformation […]

The Latest Energy Support from the Government

The cost of living crisis within the UK is evident, inflation has reached a 40-year old high of 10.1% according to the latest consumer price index figures. This means millions of UK households are currently struggling with the rising cost of living. More recently, the energy price guarantee introduced by Ms Truss is expected to […]

Introducing Solar

We’re extremely excited to announce that as part of the ECO4 scheme, we at EnergySmart are now officially launching our solar panel product range. Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity which you can use in your home. By installing EnergySmart’s high quality solar panels, you can generate your own renewable […]